Sferico was born in a village in the hills far from the sea, where he could dream and internalize the first steps of existence with precocious artistic experimentation.
Eclectic, idealist and an adolescent marked by a dedication to art as a mission, still only fourteen years old, he carves the statue “Family” and completes the philosophical painting “…from God”, signing it Sferico.
Spends the holidays working on archaeological digs in Egypt and Israel, keeping a logbook. Its saved pages are later included in the publication “Sketchblock”.
He begins studies in architecture; six frenetic years in which he is passing his nights painting and sculpting.

Architectural studies completed, he attends Düsseldorf academy and private academy in Milan and Venice.
Restless, as defined by Fernanda Pivano, he sets off on eventful journeys hitch-hiking to museums and monuments in order to touch with his own hands the living matter.
Beginning a true odyssey of adventure and misadventure typical of his age, which his companion Melanie Moore described in the novels “Flesh moon”, “Days of sand”, “Adrenaline” and “Asphalt Angels”.

He lands in Paris, an uphill struggle. The first collective exhibitions are held at Grand Palais, followed by solo exhibitions in galleries (Galerie Vendôme, Galerie du Palais Royal), in museums (Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Tretyakov) and partecipates at the Paris Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture.

The first volume on “Spherism” comes out, presented by Nobel prize winner Sir John Eccles (Tranchida Editore).
Prestigious sculptural events patronised by Emir Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, minister of education and scientific research, are staged in the Arab Emirates.
Among the books written by Sferico are “Battuta di caccia”, “Sketchblock” and “Hieroglyphics of the final days”.
Collaborations begin with weeklies aimed at young people. The volume “Sferico & philosophical painting” is in preparation. The city of Opatia in Croatia has just installed, through sponsor, a large work in white marble in the main square.

Sferico divides his time between marble workshops in Vietnam where he works on large sculptures in marble and basalt, French and italian foundries, and a new project in sculpture of monumental scale in new-generation light materials.