The Persistence of the life
β€” The original central nucleus opens and multiplies in several dimentions in a metaphysical projection which investigates a hypothetical world of the afterlife, but it’s nothing but the moment of passage.
Two is the key number of the work: one raft free and the other stranded on the fossils; one volume enclosed by thick walls and the other open, and parallel openings with two respective upper levels, the edenic garden (right) and field of limbo (left); an infinite void (black) and another starry; a sky embroidered with clouds and a sea bed inlayed with fossils; two pillared structures, one an aqueduct and the other a cistern.

A leap among the stars

Falling in love

The Persistence of the life

Oil & amber on canvas

The future of the world

Oil & amber on canvas

Original sin

Oil and amber on canvas